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The Google Art Project, A Historical Event

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

The Google art project is a blessing for those who love art.  Now for the first time you can visit more than 17 museums and view some of the greatest art around the world from the comfort of your home and with a touch of a finger, bypassing standing in lines, paying museum fees and travel fees. What more can we wish for?

We can equate the Google Art project to a pebble in a pond whose ripple effect will reach far in the distant corners of the globe thru the years to come and play an important role in education and overall history of art from ancient times to present.

As one scrolls thru the high resolution images of Google Art Project, it is hard not to be in awe, of how the many ages in the past have chosen to reflect their reality, surroundings, and emotions thru so many fantastic creations over time. The creators are no longer there, but they have left us a piece of that time long ago, to reflect upon.

And Google has made it possible! Some folks seem to be hesitant about downloading chrome without which it is not possible to view the high resolution images due to the sheer volume of data that needs to be managed and uploaded for a viewer’s comfort, but there is no charge in downloading chrome, except that it does require a few minutes of one’s time.

Nevertheless, for those who love art, the Google Art Project is a wonderful treat to the eye and mind, and since the world is made of ideas, this one can be marked as a historical event in the history of Art around the Globe.

So if you are an art lover, we do recommend a comfortable couch, and the company of a few good friends, a large screen, and yes…the Google Art Project.

It is a wonderful way to spend a weekend and discuss Art!

Happy Viewing.