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Dance of Life - 2014

Vida Khadem's new collection, "Dance of life", which deals with themes of life and death, is now available for VIP and journalist viewing by appointment only. For further updates please check again. Read Vida's Interview on Dance Of Life with

The Mercedes Simplex - Land Art Concept by Vida - 2009

Vida has proposed a unique idea for a car museum - the "Mercedes Simplex" in Ormond Beach, FL, USA. You can view her proposal to the City of Ormond Beach here along with the city council meeting notes. The story was also featured in Volusia County's Hometown News.

International Exhibition at Caelum Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, July 31st - August 15th, 2008

The following canvases by Vida were on exhibit at the Caelum Gallery at Chelsea, New York City: "To Be or Not To Be", "Original Sin", and "Noise". You can view photos from the exhibition here. Read my blog about the exhibition here.