Welcome to Vida's Gallery

Painting has been one of my passions since childhood. All I can say about myself as a painter is that I paint from a place of feeling. My paintings express things that are being drawn from my sub conscious, which creates images that sometimes I can not explain in the present. Other times have I painted images that were foreshadowing of something that will happen in future. I paint because I have to. Painting has been the way in which I could express most of my unspoken feelings since childhood. I could paint before I could speak. The canvas has been my escape, my freedom, my way of self therapy. It is a place where I feel complete freedom! So I am truly humbled for the encouragement of my friends and fans who have shown so much appreciation for my work.

Latest Work

Dance of Life - 2014
Vida Khadem's new collection, "Dance of life", which deals with themes of life and death, is now available for VIP and journalist viewing by appointment only. For further updates please check again. You can view a short video of the work to the right.